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Virtual Offices in Mexico DF

If You are tinking about starting a business in Mexico this information can help you:

  • With an Ofisur Virtual Office, the office expenses will be led to a minimun; and you will gain time and security to concentrate on your business
  • Calls are answered live, in your company name, your phone calls are answered in business hours Monday to Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Any calls that come through to your line out of hours will be diverted straight to your voice mail.
  • Mail address, receive and deliver your mail
Plan A: From MXN$750/month plus VAT
Unique phone number for your Company
Personalised Telephone Answering in your Company Name (messages sent by e-mail)
Call transfer (additional telmex or telcel cost)
Adress to your correspondence and stationary

Plan B: Also if you want to receive your correspondence of Tax Authorities
(SAT, Fiscal domicile) The cost is MXN $ 1,100/month plus VAT
Including the aforementioned services

You can have meetings with staff or clients
MXN $ 80 per hour meeting room facilities, Internet access and telephone.

Documentation & Conditions to contract the Virtual Office
One month rent deposit.
Recurring monthly fees are payable in advance

Contracts with Companies
Articles of Incorporation (document signed by Notary Public)
Format R1 (registration in the RFC)
Power of Attorney of the Representative
2 Proofs of address af the Representative (banking and phone)
Official Identification of the Representative

Contrats Individuals (Persona Fisica)
Format R1 (registration in the RFC)
2 Proofs of address (banking and phone)
Offcial Identification

Ofisur provides fast and easy set up of a company Virtual Office
We are waiting to hear from you. Just pick up that phone and call us
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